At the conservancy we aim to protect and enhance the natural environment of the Pennington village to the benefit of present and future generations of residents and visitors to the area. To this end we carry out  out various projects with the support of the local government. The day to day running of the conservancy is done by the committee with the help of a small staff and a group of dedicated volunteers. The funds for the financing of these projects comes from the Kiosk, membership contributions and donations by corporate and private sponsors.


The Pennington Conservancy held their AGM on Saturday 23 March 2019 at Relton Hall. At that meeting the following people were elected onto the Committee:

          –  Mike Lillyman – Chairperson
          –  Marcel Verleur – Green Team         
          –  Albert Louw – Impithi
          –  Claude Leroy – Impithi
          –  Casper Strydom – Recycling
          –  Colette Carty – Recycling     

Mike Lillyman - Chairperson
Mike was one of the people who started the Kiosk. He is back at the helm to make sure his efforts are not lost for future generations.
Marcel Verleur - Green Team
Marcel is not only involved in the Pennington Conservancy he is also an active member of the Pennington Community Watch.
Albert Louw - Impithi
After working for many years as a medical practitioner Albert should be well placed to look after the health of the environment.
Claude Leroy - Impithi
Claude lives in the Umdoni Retirement Village with his wife Amy. They enjoy a Sunday morning stroll on the Pennington beach.
Casper Strydom - Recycling
Casper has a special interest in conservancy. He wants to make sure that he leaves his grandson a beautiful world to grow up in.
Colette Carty - Recycling
Colette still runs an architectural practice but with both her children out of the house she has found time to work in conservation


The Conservancy employs only a small staff of 12 people, most of them working at the Kiosk. The manager, Heinz Holler, has been at the Kiosk since the conservancy took control in 2008. Since that time there have been some staff changes but more recently the staff have settled down. 

With a more stable and longer serving staff it was possible to delegate responsibilities resulting, amongst others, in the appointment of Nqobile Princess Cele, aka Princess, as assistant manager.

The Kiosk also makes use of volunteers , some during regular operation, others during special events. 


Apart from a small staff  all the work is done by volunteers. Without the volunteers there would be no Conservancy. It also means that with more volunteers more work can be done. 

We would welcome volunteers in the following areas:
  • Admin and Accounting
  • Assistance at the Kiosk
  • Recycling Waste
  • Events and Activities

If you are interested and think that you can make a contribution email us at penningtonconservancy@gmail.com


At the time of the AGM on 23 March 2019 the conservancy had 240 registered/paid-up members. Membership fees are R 150 per year to be paid on the 1st of March of each year. The preferred method of payment is by EFT. The Pennington Conservancy banking details are given below. Make sure to reference any payment with your surname and initials.

To become a member, to update your details or to check if you are a paid-up member you have to fill in the “Membership  Form“.  When you are a paid-up member you will receive confirmation by return email. This email will also act as a receipt with respect to any payments made by you to the Conservancy.

If you would like to receive updates and notifications about upcoming events please give your cell phone number. You also have to add the Pennington Conservancy number +27 66 371 5631 to your contacts and send a WhatsApp to that number.

Thank you to all our past and present members for your support and welcome to our future members. Without you there would be no Conservancy.

Membership Form

Banking Details

Account name:          Pennington Conservancy
Bank:                           FNB
Branch Code:             220 227
Account Number:     62224995219