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The Pennington Conservancy Recycling Team:
From left to right: 

Murriana Lishman, Evelyn Heunis,
Kathy Schwikkard, Vic Schwikkard,
Averil Bennewith, Ivan Bennewith, Helen o’Brien,
Mary McKenzie (MC) (Chairperson, Pennington Conservancy),
Pauline Zweerts,
(Absent: Miles Adams and Rishi Ramridge)



Reduce, reuse, recycle is a mantra that many of Pennington’s community believe in and practice with passion and commitment.

This initiative came into being with the foresight and drive of Evelyn Heunis who was, at the time, a Pennington Conservancy committee member and had been for some time. Inspired by Averil and Ivan Bennewith's recycling activities, Evelyn presented her thoughts and ideas to the remaining Committee members and her vision and dream have become Pennington’s reality.

We now, after much hard work by a committed team and the Municipality’s support, have a successful recycling operation in Pennington and this was confirmed by Vic Schwikkard (Pennington Conservancy) when he presented the statistics to a group of 74 “Recyclers” in Pennington’s Relton Hall on Saturday 15 August.

Vic went on to thank those that have contributed to this success and urged them to encourage others to become involved in making Pennington a better place to live and visit.

In addition, Vic emphasised the following:

  • The Umdoni Municipality provide us with FREE recycling bags and these continue to be available at the Pennington Superette
  • Rishi Rambridge, the new owner of the Superette is extremely supportive of the Recycling Team’s endeavours and continues to hand out the bags on our behalf and keeps the recycling depot clean and tidy. Rishi also attends all Team Recycling’s committee meetings and is very active in terms of support and assistance
  • A monkey proof home recycling depot was on display and is available from Robbie Robinson at R350 (cell 073 154 4083). Should you be a paid-up Pennington Conservancy member, you will receive a R25 discount.

Vic asked that we all work together to increase our recycling statistics and:

  • Report those that litter; and / or
  • Dump garden & home refuse along our pathways, rivers and forests; and
  • Use the bags supplied free by the Municipality for their household waste.

In closing, Vic asked that we all take time to look at the display tables for the Agape Church and Pennington Pre-primary School. All the items on display are made from recycled materials and in the case of the Pre-primary school, made by the pupils. A really wonderful contribution to the concept of “REUSING”...


Paddy Larmour then addressed the “Recyclers” about e-Waste. What is e-Waste? e-Waste consists of white goods, refrigerators & freezers, lamps, batteries and various electronics. The process of recycling these items involves extracting sometimes harmful substances / chemicals for recycling. For example, iron, aluminium, copper, nickel, glass plate, plastic (hard plastic generally found in electronic goods), silver, gold, palladium, Freon, fluorescent powder) . Paddy went on to explain some of the difficulties associated with recycling some e-Waste components and interestingly, some items can only be recycled in Finland or Sweden! More importantly, sending these items to our landfills can and does create extreme problems in terms of our environment and this in turn will adversely impact our health.

Paddy has a solution: He will collect all our e-Waste FREE OF CHARGE.

Send Paddy a detailed SMS on 071 361 9906 and include your name and what it is you would like to have collected. Paddy will return your call to make the necessary arrangements – IT IS AS EASY AS THAT.


Reggie Govender is the owner and managing director of Coastal Waste, specialists in waste recycling and waste management services since 2002. He is ably supported by Jerusha who continues to support our endeavours and generates the monthly statistics for our collections. Fortunately things do not go wrong very often, but when they do, Jerusha is invaluable to Team Recycling in resolving any and all issues. Reggie explained some of the more interesting aspects associated with recycling and went on to say that if we don’t take recycling seriously our water, air, land, health, animal & plant life, rainfall and weather patterns will change. There are many laws and regulations in place that govern environmental management, but even more importantly it is down to each and every one of us to do what is right for our planet and future generations and some example of this are: reducing the impact of landfill on the environment, reducing air pollution, decreased destruction of our natural resources (i.e. forests, water) – the list is endless. Reggie took us through the processes as they relate to the recycling of plastic, glass and aluminium. For example, plastic is collected from our recycling depot opposite the Pennington Superette by Coastal Waste and transported to their plant in Port Shepstone where the items are inspected and sorted into the various grades of plastic. The plastic material is chopped into small pieces and washed with biodegradable soap and water. This is then packed into boxes and shipped to a partner facility for final processing and the plastic is made into new products which are sold on the open market. You will appreciate that this is a simplified version in respect of collection, sorting, baling, transporting, washing, shredding, classifying and extrusion! Reggie went on to identify some of their partners in these processes: Collect-a-Can, Umdoni Municipality, Hibiscus Coast Municipality, SAPPI, NPC, Mondi, DWALA, South Coast Chamber, Return on Environment and last but by no means least, our very own Pennington Recycling Team. In closing, Reggie discussed what we can ALL do in relation to recycling:

  1. Reduce
    • First and foremost, buy and use less!
    • Start making wise “package” selections
    • Refuse store bags!
  2. Reuse
    • You can “reuse” materials in their original form instead of throwing them away, or pass those materials on to others who could use them too!
    • Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!
  3. Recycle
    • Just about anything in your home (or office or school, etc.) that cannot be reused CAN be recycled into something else
    • A large percentage of household’s still do not recycle enough and throw everything that they consider ‘rubbish’ into their ordinary bin
    • Much of this waste can be recycled and should be disposed of separately



Recycling banks:

  • Pennington Tea Gardens, Pennington Drive
  • Behind the Dynarc Shopping Mall in Scottburgh - Cans, glass, paper and plastic
  • Ground next to the municipality offices in Scottburgh - paper bank only
  • Halfway Toyota - Park Rynie


PLEASE: Use the appropriate coloured bag for the different items:

PURPLE: glass bottles and jars (If possible, rinse before storing)

BLUE: cans and tins (Rinse before storing)

YELLOW: plastics – flattened if possible (No hard plastics e.g. CDs; no polystyrene)

ORANGE: paper and cardboard (Boxes and large cartons should be packed flat; should they not fit into the bag, they can be kept separately)



PLEASE: Use the appropriate coloured refuse bag for the different items:

PURPLE: glass bottles and jars and tins (These should be rinsed before storing)

ORANGE: paper and cardboard (Large boxes and cartons should be packed flat; should they not fit into the bag, they will be collected separately)

YELLOW: plastics – flattened if possible (Excluding hard plastic e.g. CDs and polystyrene)

An instruction about a storage facility and/or the method of collection at URV will be issued shortly.



Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

Below is a graphic illustration of what the recycling team has done in Pennington in the first four of this year.

You will also notice that April was a record month.