Annual Cocktail Party

Can you believe it – Pennington Conservancy is celebrating its 10th anniversary, having been born from P E G (The Pennington Environmental Group) that did great work for the environment in Pennington.  It was 10 years ago that the Pennington Conservancy was conceived under the guidance of, in alphabetical order Evelyn Heunis, Marc Ryder and Mike Lillyman – and it is great to have them here tonight.

It was with their foresight that they managed to obtain a lease agreement on the Imphiti Kiosk, which today funds all the projects that the Conservancy is involved with. To the team that make the Kiosk work, Heinz, Alice all the ladies working hard in the kitchen and the friendly ladies that serve us, our two part time helpers Irene and Jean, a big thank you

Let’s not forget Irene, Eric and Goodman who look after the gardens at the Kiosk, to them thanks

Our secretariat, Jeannette thanks.

Then the team, Mary, Carolyn, Billy, Colette and Rene doing a lot of work in the background on a voluntary basis but it does not stop there, other volunteers that help are Steve Stead, Dave Arnison, David Haken and Paul Johnston

Some of the projects that Pennington Conservancy are involved with are:

  • Team Recycling under the leadership of Evelyn and her team, Murianna, Denise, Rene, Dave, Kathy, Ivan and Averil – there is also Dumisani who keeps the depot tidy
  •  Makamati Trail
  •  Nkomba
  •  Pont at Nkomba
  •  Pathways and benches
  •  Whale deck at Umdoni
  •  Hyacinth project at Nkomba and Nkubane rivers.

Written by: Vic Schwikkard