About Us


To beautfy and indigenise Pennington Village and to preserve in perpetuity the natural environment of coastal and riverine forest, coastal bush and grasslands of the area for the benefit of the creatures occurring there and the delight of present and future generations of humankind.


  • To protect and manage and improve the environment through the application of sound conservation practices, including the eradication of alien vegetation, the removal of snares and the creation and maintenance of trails.
  • To generate interest and active participation by adjoining residents and other interest parties, including schools in the Umdoni Area, in the preservation of the Conservancy’s ecosystem and associated flora and fauna.
  • To improve general security in the area and to take into cognisance the environmental impact.
  • To promote eco-tourism, bird-watching and public awareness of the importance of the natural environment and indigenous flora by providing access to an unspoiled setting of particular biodiversity and natural beauty.
  • Ultimately to preserve the entire area in co-operation with its residents.

For a full list of our Objectives and Constitution view here. Constitution